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The purpose of the WDC website is to provide information about the organization, its ongoing activities in the campaign against conflict diamonds, and to act as a resource for its members and members of the diamond and jewelry industries. The website also underscores the fact that WDC’s work is ongoing.

The MDBC Blog

1 August 2012

Retail research shows that consumers don't want to be blasted with insincere advertising, but to be seen as valued clients.This has led to a new approach, where you don’t so much target the client, as much as you optimize the likelihood that the client will target you.

Clients in the news

29 July 2012
WDC Board sets up steering committee to examine restructuring, reiterates support for KP reform and expanded conflict diamond definition
23 July 2012
35th World Diamond Congress to be held October 14-17, 2012
10 July 2012
Alrosa holds first-ever auction of 10-carat plus diamonds in New York